Monday, August 5, 2013

Creative Problem Solving – 1

A friend of mine has MS and is confined to a wheel chair. He has no control of either his legs or his right arm. On a visit, I watched his legs start to move, rise about 3 inches, move to the left and come to rest on the floor. He asked me to put his legs back on the foot rest. He can’t move his legs back to the foot rest by himself, and so can’t move around in his electric wheel chair without the risk of hurting his feet.He's stuck until his feet are back on the foot rest.

The problem - how to keep his feet on the footrest. Here’s the solution:

The clamps (One on each side) keep the basket attached to the foot rest. The height of the basket is greater than the motion of his feet. 

An effective, adjustable and removable solution for about 6 dollars and an hour of work.

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